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Mintable Launches NFT Minting With No Gas Fees For Minting

Today Mintable launches its new option for minting NFTs without paying gas fees. This is not a system of deferring fees but the minting process is slightly different. However, it’s…

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Social Money Creator Roll Tops Dapp.com’s Social Dapps Chart With Crypto Art’s Help

Tweet from Dapp.com Big news for leading social money creator Roll as it tops Dapp.com’s Social Dapps on Ethereum chart for 30 day trading volume. While you may have seen…


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CryptoArtNet Offers Entry To Emerging Crypto Art Market for Digital Artists, Collectors and Traders

New Beginnings by squirterer [Press Release Originally Published at PR Web, January 5th] The emergence of the crypto art ecosystem offers a new market for digital artists, collectors and traders….

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Leading Crypto Art Newsletter Acquired by Bankless to Create Metaversal

William M. Peaster’s DeFi Arts Intelligencer quickly became the leading NFT meets DeFi newsletter and an excellent resource for crypto art news. The announcement that Bankless had acquired the newsletter…

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Nifty Gateway Signals Attack on NFT Art Flippers with New Community Guidelines

1 Second Sellout Nifty Gateway is arguably the leading NFT art platform at this point in the game. New drops of art sell out at astonishing speed and the secondary…

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Crypto Art December 2020 Sales Undercounted But Taken At Face Value By Crypto Media Outlets

Which Way to the Correct Data? In a well-distributed article released on CoinDesk and a variety of other outlets on January 1st, December 2020 crypto art sales were announced to…

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