Team KnownOrigin Presents Crypto Artist Angie Taylor

Behind the Screens with Angie Taylor (1/5/21)

MoCDA curator Serena Tabacchi and KnownOrigin’s David Moore continue KnownOrigin’s Behind the Screens video interview series into 2021 with cryptoart OG Angie Taylor.

Here’s more about Angie Taylor:

VR Artist, Sculptor & Animator, Angie Taylor originally studied sculpture in the 1980s. She created wood carvings, bronzes & steel constructions. She became an animator, illustrator & an Adobe demo artists in the 90’s, before ditching it all to follow her art.

She creates immersive VR projects, digital sculpture & animation. Her work juxtaposes a DIY, Punk ethic, & fresh immediacy of naive art, with the complexity of 3D digital technology. She also explores the challenges of neurodiversity.

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