Mintable’s Zach Burks Dives Deep for All About Crypto

Are NFTs The Future of Crypto? (With Zach Burks of Mintable)

Are NFTs the Future of Crypto? Zach Burks of Mintable seems to think so and answers all your NFT crypto questions, and much more.

0:44 – Introduction
1:11 – What were you like in highschool?
6:42 – How did mintable Start? When did you find NFTS?
12:23 – What is an NFT?
14:57 – Would crypto currency be a NFT?
15:42 – How did mintable start?
23:07 – Why you can’t copy NFTS?
25:11 – Redeemable NFTS
26:25 – Making money with NFTS
31:04 – Meta Mask connecting to a decentralised platform
36:08 – How is zero fees possible?
38:59 – Does mintable have its own token?
40:08 – How can you invest in mintable?
43:09 – Is there a cap on the amount of votes?
43:40 – Is is possible to bring NFTS from other accounts to mintable?
45:12 – Is it easier to sell on mintable?
46:44 – What makes mintable different?
53:04 – Can you sell property on mintable as an NFT?
56:04 – What is the future of NFTS?
1:01:04 – What is your mindset? What does success mean to you?
1:04:05 – Have you had a failures? Most embrassing story?
1:08:21 – 3 pieces of advice for people wanting to make money with NFTS
1:15:11 – Daily habits and morning rituals
1:16:37 – Hobbys
1:22:27 – One question you wish people asked you but they never do

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