Leading Crypto Art Newsletter Acquired by Bankless to Create Metaversal

young man in tshirt with vr headsetWilliam M. Peaster’s DeFi Arts Intelligencer quickly became the leading NFT meets DeFi newsletter and an excellent resource for crypto art news. The announcement that Bankless had acquired the newsletter and that Peaster would be running it as Metaversal came as a surprise but also signaled the next phase of crypto art media development.

William M. Peaster and DeFi Arts Intelligencer

William M. Peaster is a unique figure in crypto art with a byline that has been showing up on a growing range of websites. DeFi Arts Intelligencer was not so much about the writing but about connecting such areas as NFTs, crypto art, DeFi and blockchain games. However, the art of writing a one-line summary is underappreciated!

Peaster’s extended pieces show that he can not only write about business and finance. His recent deep dive for Async Edition into Hidden Forces’ work, Who’s the Controller Now?, reveals his abilities as an arts writer as well.

Peaster is also instrumental in his support of CryptoArtNet, founded by this writer, who bestowed a William M. Peaster $WHALE Grant on this essentially nonprofit project. The grant has covered CryptoArtNet’s expenses retroactively from its launch in May 2020 well into 2021.

The Launch of Metaversal

So at a point when future NFT and crypto art media empires are still in the very early stages, it was a surprise when Ryan Sean Adams at Bankless announced that Peaster was relaunching DeFi Arts Intelligencer as Metaversal under the Bankless umbrella.

I touched base with William who revealed that this is an acquisition by Bankless and that he continues work on the publication as a freelancer. This surprised me because now is the time to be building indie media properties in this space and he seemed well-positioned to have the leading newsletter in an early growth stage.

I guess Peaster’s going all in on his writing career which is a sound move. And we certainly need people who understand art writing for crypto publications!

The Emerging Bankless Crypto Education Empire

Bankless deserves more than a quick note but this will have to suffice. Ryan Sean Adams is building a solid crypto media/education company which I know primarily through the free version of the Bankless newsletter.

What has most impressed me is the education approach shown in such guides as Starting with Bankless. His Go Bankless education program offers great suggestions for ways to get deeper into DeFi and it’s a very affordable program.

Honestly if anyone was going to acquire DeFi Arts Intelligencer, I’m glad it was Adams and Bankless.

If you’re into crypto art, NFTs and the larger web of which they’re a part, be sure to subscribe to Metaversal, written and edited by William M. Peaster.

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